Eyes and Ears
Eyes and Ears

High Definition Brows

Now, we’d like to take you a little further into the world of HD Brows by revealing the seven steps to the HD Brow technique.

  • Step One – Preparation & Assessment
        - During the initial consultation your HD stylist analyses your face shape and eyebrow requirements and together you decide which brow shape will best suit your personality, your style and your facial features.
  • Step Two – Tinting
        - A high definition tint is used to even out or darken your eyebrow colour accordingly.
  • Step Three – Waxing
        - A specially blended HD wax is used to painlessly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the brow area.
  • Step Four – Trimming
        - Specialised HD scissors are used to trim back long, wiry and unruly hairs to create a neat and tidy brow line.
  • Step Five – Threading
        - Threading, the ancient Eastern art of hair removal, involves using a special thread to blend hairs into the brow area, precisely removing unwanted hairs from the brow, creating a streamlined look.
  • Step Six – Tweezing
        - Any stray leftover hairs are tweezed out to perfect your HD brow.
  • Step Seven – Finish
        - The treated skin is wiped down with a soothing lotion, hair follicles are closed using a skin calming tonic, and special mineral powders are applied to the area to calm and camouflage any redness. The HD Brow Beater wand then sets the hairs into place for an immaculate finish. Your stylist then either uses a HD Brow pencil or HD eyebrow palette to fill in any gaps in the brows. Finally, your HD stylist will give you individual advice on after care at home. 

    Jane Iredale Make-up

    Enhance your beauty with day and evening make-up from Jane Iredale at Solo Beauty.

    • Day make-up
    • Evening make-up
    • Make-up lesson
    • Bridal make-up
    • Special occasion make-up

    Eye Treatments

    From perfect brows to volumised lashes, come to Solo Beauty for a range of eye treatments to suit your needs.

    • Brow wax
    • Lash tint
    • Brow tint
    • Eyelash perming & tint
    • Strip lashes
    • Lash infills
    • Lash removal
    • LVL lashes
    • Nouveau lashes
    • Let's Go eyelash extensions

    Ear Piercing

    At Solo Beauty we now offer ear piercing. Call and book with us today!


    Looking for ear piercing services? Solo Beauty offer professional piercing services. Book today on

    01946 591 777(Whitehaven)
    01900 65777(Workington)

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