Non Surgical Facial


VoluDerm provides a safe and effective penetration of the epidermis for controlled heating targeting deep dermis. This minimally invasive treatment uses fine micro-needles while applying radiofrequency to volumise the deep dermal layer.

The micro-needles stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin.

Per session £170.00
Course of 3 treatments £450.00


TriFractional radiofrequency energy rejuvenates the outer epidermis layer. This minimally invasive treatment creates triggers the body’s natural healing response mechanism. Old and damaged skin cells are removed and the body produces new and healthy skin.

Per session £170.00
Course of 3 treatments £450.00


Their most intense rejuvenation treatment yet.
Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction
Therapy (COMCIT™) effectively tricks ageing skin into acting young again. This remarkable method uses Oxygen, Microchannelling and a rejuvenation infusion right where they’re needed, promoting new collagen production at a cellular level, significantly reducing lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating skin texture and renewing skin’s resilience.

Per session £100.00
Course of 6 treatments £500.00


This skin treatment is designed to lift, smooth and firm the face, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful. It’s effective, safe and the results are long-lasting – results are akin to a mini facelift without the scalpel!

This treatment is very good for old scarring or pitted skin.

Utilising the unique Divine Pro platform, the minimally invasive treatment combines the technologies of VoluDerm, TriFractional RF and TriPollar with DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation).
Please allow downtime for this treatment
This amazing treatment offers six benefits:

  • Dermal volumising
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Facial contouring
  • Scarring improvements

Recommended to have 2-3 treatments for ultimate
amazing results

Per session £225.00
Course of 3 treatments £599.00